Sister Missionary Style | Color me Collar

what can i wear on my mission

Happy Thursday dear friends! Congrats to Eli, he’s going to Edmonton, Canada! Isn’t funny how you can make all the guesses you want but when you find out where a person is going it seems so obvious. When my friend … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | The Pink Collared Shirt Saga

fashion for sister missionaries

Dear reader, It’s Monday. It’s Monday. It’s Moooooonnnnnndaaaaaaaaaaay. I only have 9 more long, boring, hard to get out of bed Mondays before my mission. Woah. Only 9! I better make the most out of each one of them. And … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | Mellow Yellow

Happy Fashion Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying February’s last Friday. I enjoyed it by taking a trip to Mountain West Burrito with the soon to be missionary in Japan: Jake. Mucho gracious Jake! It was one of the best … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | 70s Flashback

Happy birthday Presidents! I really appreciate this low key Monday. I’ve been slaving over homework this weekend trying to get caught up for all my upcoming midterms. Last semester I was so much better about going to the library and … Continue reading

Alta High Class of 2012 Missionaries

My friend Kylie put together this lovely video collage of kids in my graduating class opening up their mission calls. If you can believe it, this is just a preview! Kylie wanted to finish one before a lot of us left for the MTC. Isn’t it amazing the amount of peers going on missions? It is an exciting time to be a Mormon teen!