Mission Date Change

Hey you. Yes, you. I’ve have news so lend your ears.

I have taken 5 years of German so the MTC thinks I do not need the 6 week language training. In fact, they think I only need to go to the MTC for 2 weeks. Gulp. Instead of having me come with everyone but leave early, they are having me come 4 weeks late. This way I don’t mess up transfers.

Four. Extra. Weeks.

I am so excited to get out on my mission, but I look forward to the four weeks I will have with my friends and family. And now I can be at the MTC the same time as some of my best buddies. Faith in God includes faith in His timing. Never have truer words been spoken. I didn’t pray to see The Great Gatsby, but now I get to go anyway! Woohoooooo! And I get four more weeks with you guys. And you guys are the best. Keep the emails coming, I just adore them!

So long story short, the new departure date is May 29th.  Mark your calendars Ladies ‘n’ Gents!

Now, a few quick orders of business.

1. Go like The Lady Lena here

2. Sarah and I edit essays from Taiwanese students. And then we Skype them so they can practice their English. All the Taiwanese boys are in loooooove with Sarah. It’s so adorable! They want her to come to Taiwan. So donate to the ‘bring sarah to the taiwanese boys’ fund today! Haha, I had to share that.

3. New clothes post later this week! Can you say peplum?

Much love,

Lady Lena

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