Letter Thirty-Five from the Lovely Lady Lena

It only came a month later…. ladies and gentlemen…please bring your hands together to welcome… S N O W! After many prayers and a lot of patience, Schwarzenberg is now covered in a light layer of stunning snow. I feel like I … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Four from the Lovely Lady Lena

Can you say A W K W A R D? This week was awesome, but over all filled with awkward moments. I disgress, I shall share them with the world.      Case A. We were 10 minutes late to a … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Three from the Lovely Lady Lena

Starting this week’s posting off with a big shoutout to the YSA girls in Cairns, Australia! I hope you aren’t all melting down there. Please send my love back to the Innisfail branch. danke schön!     Where to begin…where to begin? Sister … Continue reading

European Mission Hacks from the Lovely Lady Lena

Transfer calls came and gone and I bet you are all dying to know what happened to the Helzer Hansen team. I will reenact it for you.      AP: Sisters, you are….staying together in Schwarzenberg.      Us: *long … Continue reading