15 Minutes of Fame

My roommates and I attended the Museum of Art’s Andy Warhol Exhibit opening party. Mr.Warhol believed that in the future everyone would get 15 minutes of fame. We had our photos taken to placed in the exhibit for our 15 minutes of fame. Love a good photo booth. I also ran into some old friends at the party. An old high school fling you could say. I love a good awkward run in. “Ehhh… these are my roommates and these are some kids from high school.”

The run in did not ruin my night. Earlier in the night I tried out for BYU’s Divine Comedy and out of 151 people I got a call back! So I was on cloud 9 that night. I also crossed off one of my Freshman 15. Hooray!

That audition was my 15 minutes of fame. What is yours?

-Lady Lena