Letter Fifty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Has anyone ever heard of Google Glasses? I remember watching a video about them when they were just a fetal concept, but the other day I saw them in real life under the oddest of circumstances. Sister McBride and I … Continue reading

Letter Thirty-Seven from the Lovely Lady Lena

Correction from last post: I meant Area 51 not Area 49! I have no idea what Area 49 is, maybe the hipster lot of Aliens??      I feel like today is the weirdest day for emails. My brother (serving in the … Continue reading

Letter Twenty-One from the Lovely Lady Lena

Last week my friend Jake (serving in Sapporo Japan) sent me his weekly family letter with this story inside:   We felt like we needed to go visit a nearby Recent Convert named Yokoinai Kyodai. Well that was our guidance. When we … Continue reading

Sister Missionary Style | Salmon ‘n’ Stripes

sister missionary blog

Hip hip hooray, it’s Friday! And oh what a much needed weekend! Tomorrow I am going to swim with mermaids. Yes, you read that correctly. Look forward to some ‘fin’tastic pictures. Today I have the last peplum installment. I’m loving … Continue reading